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About me

Posted at — Jun 6, 2020 • 2 min read

Hey! I’m Josep Ruano, a former techie guy with background on software engineering and distributed systems that over time got converted into a business guy. But I’m still a nerd, a geek, reading, thinking, and writing about the intersection of tech, science and society. I’m interested on the impact of science and especially of information technologies on society, economy, businesses and everything related to human beings.

I have founded, or co-founded, a few technology companies, including amongst others YaEncontre (now part of Grupo Godó), CAPSiDE (now part of NTT) –my main adventure for the last 20 years-, and Ackcent Cybersecurity. Now I work at NTT as Senior VP for Cloud GTM. I also collaborate with ESADE Business School lecturing on the impact of the digital transformation on business and society on a broad sense —intersection and interdependance between science, technology, politics, economy, business models and culture–. Last but not least, I also serve on some boards of directors, mainly as advisor.

Ah! And I’m also really much interested on food and cooking.

In this blog you will find articles in Catalan, English and Spanish, which are the languages I use. If you want to filter content on an specific language, you can use tags. I intentionally made no effort right now to create a multi-language blog, as I want to focus my time on content. Perhaps I do it in the future.